CAD Bureau Services and Reverse Engineering for Sussex, Surrey, London and Hampshire

Whatever form your design data is in, 2D Drawing, sketches, or prototype models, 3d design innovation limited can convert it into fully engineered 3D CAD models prior to prototyping or tooling manufacture.

If you have 3D models, perhaps produced by an industrial designer, these can be converted into fully toleranced 2D CAD packages, drafted to BS8888, in EDS I-Deas, Solidworks or AutoCAD formats.

Once modelled or drafted, CAD data can be converted into other CAD formats through geometry translators.

3d design innovation limited is a specialist user of EDS (SDRC) I-Deas and solidworks, powerful 3D CAD modelling and drafting tools used by blue chip manufacturers for the design of products such as cars and mobile phones. This, along with excellent engineering expertise and low financial overheads allows 3d design innovation limited to provide an extremely efficient and accurate service.

If you would like more information about our CAD Bureau and reverse engineering services, please visit our contact page, or call 01273 844405