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Engineering Design Consultants for Sussex, Surrey, London and Hampshire

Successful companies are built on good ideas, and the ability to foresee your customers future needs. 3d design innovation limited can help with this process by providing innovative design solutions to transform your good ideas into creative new products.

Our unique approach to product design involves creating a 3D computer model at the concept stage of a project and developing this as the project progresses, blending aesthetics and engineering as a single design resource. The 3D computer model provides an accurate representation of design intent throughout the project cycle thus enabling a truly fast track and therefore cost effective design solution.

Design projects are split into discreet phases of work, generally comprising of: Concept generation, design development, detailing, prototyping, tooling, production engineering. 3d design innovation limited can manage the entire process or perform individual phases of work to meet the requirements of our clients.

As an experienced designer of consumer products, scientific instruments, medical devices and special purpose machines for low cost manufacture, 3d design innovation limited can offer your company affordable fast track design solutions.